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What’s this program about?

This program is about cultivating the relationship of all relationships, that of your own invisible self with the invisible presence of Spirit. It is about the power of a single mantra that is to be cultivated at the core of your being, the one mantra that will spontaneously rise up in any hour of need and particularly at the moment of death, to ensure your smooth passage into the great beyond, into life eternal.

core 2What will you learn?

You learn the very same mantra that I use to cultivate my own core mantra practice. You will also learn ways this mantra can be applied and used to deal with the natural sense of separation we undergo over the course of a day.

What are the benefits?

The most important benefit of this program is the gift of sensing that we are never alone, not in some intellectual, abstract manner, but through a palpable sense of being in touch, personally, with a living reality that we sense and feel, sometimes intensely, sometimes subtly, but always there.

What does it involve?

The practice is to punctuate our days with brief moments of application, between a minute to two, enough to puncture the armor of our egocentricity and gift us with the grace of living in direct relationship and awareness of the unseen presence of divinity.

Who is it for?

This program is for anyone of any spiritual background. The mantra itself is a universal mantra that anyone from any tradition can use in way that both the sound and the meaning affects every part of our being: body, soul and spirit



Russill has configured a structure without an option zero, without "no presence" as the default setting.  It's not even a possibility within this system.  So if you find yourself in a "no presence" state, your only option is to use the mantra to return immediately to the "rational mode" where there is presence by definition.  From there you can continue on to the deeper modes.  If you find yourself in a "no presence" state, you can't stay there and still be "playing this game".  Brilliant! 


The idea that the core mantra can help me to quickly regain my spiritual center was another eye opener. I have identified many opportunities during my day where the core mantra will help me to keep my spiritual center. These are opportunities where I would not have considered using mantra before this course- so thank you! *


For me, the content and your very personal sharing of your core mantra is received with deep gratitude for the support it provides on this mysterious journey. In answer to your question ‘how are you doing with your core mantra practice’ my short answer is I am experiencing profound understanding and depth in which there are glimpses or sparks of a greater knowing of Divine Presence – not sustainable simply because my head or egoic mind quickly pulls me out, but these moments are more frequent and easier to sink into. 


I usually find the music accompanying the words is helpful to quiet the mind at the start of my meditation practice, however have discovered the quiet depth of audio tracks 10 and 11 only have taken me instantly deep into a beautiful meditative state of incredible joy. 


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