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What’s this program about?

This program is about learning to succeed in all undertakings through connecting with spiritual power. Our success in any undertaking is largely determined by how we deal with obstacles. By understanding the spiritual nature and role of obstacles, and through invoking the sacred archetype of spiritual power embodied in a mantra, we can bring a deeper vision into play in our lives to address specific circumstances that may be preventing us from going forward.

What will you learn?

In this course, you will learn how to direct the power of mantra in your sādhana (spiritual practice) to address all of your challenges, those in your internal, spiritual life and as well as those in your external, practical life. The two are related and a single mantra which you will learn in this program can address both aspects simultaneously.

What are the benefits?

You will learn not only how to use the practice of mantra toward achieving success in your undertakings, but you will also learn how to adapt your practice of mantra as you engage the process.

What does it involve?

The program introduces you to a specific mantra along with a series of variations that you can use to deal with inner conditions indicative of our resistances, such as, negative thoughts, images and feelings. You learn how to envisage outcomes and to use the mantra to energize those intentions. You also learn about the process of self-transformation that comes from combining mantras with visualizations and affirmations. This is a powerful course that will get you going on a powerful mantra practice.

Who is it for?

This is a primer, an introductory course for beginners to get them started on mantra practice but it also provides valuable insights and techniques for advanced practitioners, breathing fresh life into the method. If you have taken this course previously, contact us so we can offer you a discount. The present version is enhanced.

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