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What’s this program about?

Blessing is built into the very substance of our souls as much as it is built into the fabric of nature. This program is about connecting with the invisible essence of life and realizing, not intellectually, but in a heart-felt, experiential way, that the power that sustains us both individually and collectively favors us.

shiva 2What will you learn?

You will learn variations of Shiva mantras. The word Shiva means “auspicious”. Regardless of your spiritual tradition, the way these mantras are taught and the way you are guided through various meditations will enable you to tap some very deep states. A number of the meditations are coupled with movements and various types of awareness techniques, .

What are the benefits?

You will find yourself with heightened sensitivity, almost an extrasensory perception that connects you to your body and also to nature. What you will find is that these powerful states actually sustain longer than one would typically anticipate.

How involved is it?

The mantras and meditations are super easy and hardly take up much time. You can use the methods to access the deep states in just a few minutes. The guided meditations themselves are also quite short, an average of 10-minutes each so that you can actually use one per day or use the same meditation for a whole week.

Who is it for?

This program is for anyone who wants to connect with the authenticity of mantra and tap an experience that transcends name and form. No Sanskrit background is necessary to tap the full benefits of this program. Yogis, meditators, therapists, spiritual seekers, artists, musicians and business professionals have loved this program.

Cautions and Conditions

A number of the mantras and techniques featured in this program are so powerful that they should not be engaged while driving or operating any machinery that could inadvertently harm the practitioner. This is because the meditations quickly lead to very deep states. You are responsible for how you use them.


  • Variations on mantras help create multi-dimensionality in consciousness
  • Practices facilitate the flow energy in various directions through the chakras
  • Each part, a specific mystical practice, takes no more than 15 to 90 seconds
  • You can do these practices at any time of the day and they are very powerful
  • Engage the practices in nature or with the assistance of the audios provided
  • Custom audio tracks are enhanced by additional mantras in the background
  • Students claim it is the most profound program they have ever experienced.



I've had moments throughout my day when everything seems like spirit and spirituality … just from uttering the mantra … very powerful and awesome.


Even before I get out of bed. I feel the energy of blessing on my skin in the shower… it all feels full of the Presence of a blessing!


I love how the most seemingly simple and subtle practices are really the most profound. Thank-you!


A feeling of warmth and comfort, a sense of belonging and that all is right in the universe. But there is a deeper, underlying stream of energy also happening. 


What an awesome experience when whispering the mantra … it's like an instant connection with the awakening energy and I feel it deeply all over myself inside out so soothing and at the same time reverently Divine, leaving me in this peaceful and safe space.


This practice is so wonderfully immediate and powerful. Just the whisper of [the mantra] fills me with divine presence.


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