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Includes one 20-minute One-on-One Private Coaching session!

What’s this program about?

This is esoteric spirituality program that addresses the fundamentals of Tantric practice and the fundamentals of the Sanskrit alphabet. It methodically introduces you to the energy aspects of mantric language providing you with a solid foundation in both the sounds as well as the mystical experience and understanding of the sounds.

soundbody 2What will you learn?

You learn the mystical knowledge of the Sanskrit alphabet, venerating each sound for its association with sacred energies that make up the basic building blocks of the universe. Much like contemporary string theory in which vibrating strands of energy as seen to make up the foundational energies of the universe, the sounds in turn are associated with forms and aspects of divinity..

What are the benefits?

You find your self come alive, vibrating in every cell, the sonic equivalent of numerous light bulbs turning on inside you. There is certainly a healing quality that comes from the penetrating vibrations of the sound that are directed with gestures and placements. Most importantly, the practices associated with the sounds enable one to change one’s mental-emotional state which is very helpful in dealing with stress and depression. The practice facilitates an empowerment of soul through the simple modulations of the voice.

What does it involve?

The program involves methodical learning of the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet that you couch within a mantric formula and then place in various areas of the body so that the entire body is awakened by the sounds. It is however the energy body, or subtle body, that is stimulated, although the effects can surely be felt physically as well.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone wanting to gain a foundation in the Sanskrit language without using an academic, scholarly or linguistic approach. Instead, one approaches the language as a yogi, as a meditator,  and as a healing energy practitioner. It is highly recommended for massage therapists, therapists of all persuasions, and of course yoga and spiritual practitioners.

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