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Includes one 20-minute One-on-One Private Coaching session

What’s this program about?

While Ultimate Reality is pure spirit transcending gender, Tantra  teaches and practices that it simultaneously expresses itself through both genders. Discover the feminine as a channel for the direct experience, revelation and fullness of divinity.

shakti 2Who is it for?

This program helps women enhance their femininity and come into the power of their spiritual essence. And it helps men awaken to their power as Shakta, “one who beholds and experiences Shakti”, to cultivate a profound relationship with feminine essence.

What will you learn?

You learn parts of an extraordinary ritual in which each part is a means of cultivating intimacy with spiritual energy as Shakti, as the living power of the goddess. And you learn these parts in an unconventional way, specially designed for westerners.

Why learn this ritual?

The parts are like a sacred vocabulary offering sounds and gestures that communicate with the invisible realm to tap into an experience that is palpable and visceral. You feel and experience it in your body, mind and heart. This is not head learning, but heart learning.

What are the benefits?

This program offers healing and empowerment to the men and women who practice it. Each part of the ritual encourages the state of spiritual absorption, a way of immersion into direct experience. The ritual  can also be done for the good of the world, as a means of service to others.

What does it involve?

Ritual is a way of opening up that which is hidden to us by own blocks, a way of invoking grace into the very fabric of self so that spiritual transformation occurs. And because this transformation results in a change of perception, you are also gifted with  sacred vision.

What is the medium?

In this course, Saraswati, embodiment of wisdom, learning and the arts, is the channel through which we invoke and experience Shakti, which is not just any and every energy, but a special vibration of energy that on the one hand links to divinity and on the other hand links to femininity.

What is the experience?

We have a powerful way of introducing you to the concepts and practices so that through both external ritual and internal ritual you can learn to become absorbed in the direct experience of Shakti and cultivate a living relationship with sacred energy at its source.

What are the objectives?

  1. To directly experience the feminine as a viable channel for divininty.
  2. To cultivate intimacy with the divine through the parts of this ritual
  3. To tap the power of mantra in a way that awakens spiritual vision.

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