Yogic Mystery School ™


Involved programs can be undertaken on your own but they do require a personal orientation, which is why a One 20-minute One-on-One Private Coaching session is included in every program.

You can thereafter schedule one-on-one sessions if and when needed or required although there is no obligation to do so. These programs can be included in Private One-on-One coaching packages. 

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You can begin these programs at any time ...

Get started now on this empowerment training for yoga practitioners and teachers, mantra and kirtan pracitioners, and anyone who wish to develop a strong foundation in the spiritual sound and power of Sanskrit, the language of Yoga, Kundalini energy and spiritual enlightenment. Instead of learning it linguistically, you learn it through a powerful Tantric practices that introduce you to both, its linguistic as well as energy aspects.


If you love Sanskrit mantras and want to learn powerful mantras together with spiritual practices that accompany the recitation of mantras, this is the perfect program for you. The program features a large selection of ancient mantras together with the correct way of pronouncing and chanting them. These mantras are derived from the Vedic tradition and are among the most highly reverered mantras practiced. The goal of this program is spiritual illumination and luminosity through mantra practice.


If you love the goddess, Shakti, and the veneration of spiritual energy in feminine form, this is the perfect program for you. You not only learn many ancient and powerful mantras, but you also learn an amazing 16-part ritual in which to use these mantras to facilitate spiritual experience. Immerse yourself in the Tantric experience of feeling the Shakti flow through you and in you in amazing ways. The mantras are quite advanced but you learn them step-by-step. This is a householder spiritual practice.