Yogic Mystery School ™

Who am I?
I bring 30 years of spiritual practice and experience with a solid reputation that includes: 15 years of teaching at the graduate and post-graduate levels in spiritual programs at leading edge educational institutions in America; 25 years of presenting conferences and retreats across the US and internationally; the publishing of highly regarded spirituality books and chant music albums; learning from some of the best in the East and in the West; and teaching alongside the highest peer group levels in America and internationally.
What I can do for you? 
Discern the blocks holding you back spiritually and help you identify and transform negative patterns that are sabotaging your spiritual progress and happiness.
Private Coaching Packages can be custom configured to your specific needs and objectives, which can include:
  • developing your spiritual practice in ways that helps you overcome your specific challenges and  limitations so you can achieve your life goals
  • helping you grow and develop in your work and ministry so that it is financially, spiritually and energy rewarding
  • improving your knowledge and expertise with mantras, particularly how they can be applied in your life to get the results you want in any area. 
You do not need to use mantras to benefit from private coaching!
Who can benefit?
Anyone can benefit. Private Coaching is especially powerful for those who do best with on-one-one support, require extra attention and customization of programs, and for those who are unable to achieve the goals they desire by themselves or through self-study. It is also practical for those who require more privacy for their process and appreciate the greatest level of personalization.
Why one-on-one spiritual coaching?
This is the best way to concentrate on issues we want to identify and/or move beyond or identify conditions under the surface holding us back or sabotaging our happiness.
What do you receive and when do you start?
You can start at any time with sessions tailored towards your goals, budget and the time you are willing to allocate towards the process.
All Private One-on-One Private Coaching is customized to your specific needs and goals. We customize existing programs and/or create resources specific to you, and specifically for you. 
During the period of coaching, (depending on the package), you receive:
  • a dedicated and protected web page that only the two of us will share.
  • 24/7 access to this page featuring programs loaded exclusively for you.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly private coaching sessions via Skype and/or phone
  • Direct access to me via email with rapid response
  • An interactive and private online discussion board
  • Customized meditation programs created for you
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